Challenged America Welcomes Bay Park Elementary School

Challenged America welcomed blind and visually impaired children from the Bay Park Elementary School for a day of sailing last week

From the children:

I loved sailing with you. I liked it when I turned the wheel and pulled the ropes for the sails. i enjoyed sailing with you.
Love, Abby

I really liked sailing with you. It was really fun. Being towed around was fun too. I can’t wait until I can go sailing again. Thank you for everything.
Sincerely, Sean

Going sailing was a lot of fun. You gave me lots of information about how much a sailboat costs, and what happens during a race, and how fast it goes. I hope I can go sailing again, when my dad comes home.
Sincerely, Danielle

Thank you for going sailing with me. I loved going fast on the boat. It’s cool that someone who can’t see could go sailing. I loved when we were telling stories about when I went on a boat last year. I liked being called Captain Joy. It was fun going sailing.
Your Friend,Joy

I want to say thank you for taking me sailing. It was fun being able to sail the boat. I loved being in the water and seeing the different parts of the boat. The best part was me steering the boat by myself. Thank you again. I had a great time.
Sincerely,  Darren

From all of us at Challenged America, we are glad you had fun, come back to sail with us soon, and,  thank you, that’s why we volunteer