Challenged America Participant Testimonial , Thank You Eric

“I started sailing with Challenged America in November 2011. It was my first time back on the water since my injury on January 27, 2011. When I saw the Martin 16’s and how they are set up, I was excited to know that I would be an active participant rather than a passenger ‘along for the ride’.

“The phrase ‘leave your disabilities at the dock’ could not be more true! When I’m on the water, at the helm of a sailboat, and enjoying all the sights and sounds of San
Diego Bay, I forget about the wheelchair sitting on the dock. I’m always looking forward to my next sail.

“To the generous volunteers and donors who make this all happen, I can’t thank you enough!”

Eric Berkey, Challenged America Participant

On behalf of all the Challenged America volunteers, thank you Eric, that’s why we volunteer