Feast @ Fiddler’s

Every year Steve, the owner of Fiddler’s Green on Shelter Island and long time supporter of Challenged America allows us to use his restaurant for a fundraiser and graciouly donates the proceeds from the sales happening between 5:30 and 8pm to Challenged AmericaFeast@Fiddlers is

Feast @ Fiddler’s Green Restaurant

Where everyone goes for St. Patrick’s Day to support kids, adults and veterans with disabilities and the Challenged America program.

Fiddler’s Green Restaurant
2760 Shelter Island Drive
San Diego, CA 92106

(619) 222-2216(619) 222-2216

The well-known “in spot” on the San Diego waterfront where everyone meets for fine steak and seafood, beverages and entertainment, Feast @ Fiddler’s is that No Extra Cost, No Speeches fundraising event everyone loves. Come with family and friends for dinner, meet other supporters and participants in the Challenged America program, and just order off the menu. Steve Rock, Fiddler’s Green Restaurant owner donates the proceeds to the Challenged America program.

Enjoy a traditional St. Patrick’s Day celebration with others and support a good-cause,.

Challenged America is a charitable, therapeutic sailing program for kids, adults and veterans with disabilities founded in San Diego by disabled veterans in 1978.


Fiddler's green

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