America’s Cup World Series – San Diego: Sneak Peak Event

Sailing Events Association San Diego 

invites you to a Sneak Peek Event

America’s Cup World Series – San Diego

3:30 – 4:45 pm – Preview the Event Village

5:00 – 6:00 pm – America’s Cup Presentation by Tom Ehman

Port Pavilion West End, Broadway Pier

Please feel free to pass this invitation along to your friends and family, no RSVP necessary…

The ACWS will be held Nov 12 – 20, for more information,


Why we sail

“In this picture, Doug just finished rigging the sail boat with a joystick system so that I could steer the boat and trim the sails independently. What a sense of freedom and independence! We are a great team. He calmly gives me instruction and I execute. It’s a great sport for me, since I cannot speak (and it’s not necessary)! The only time I was slightly nervous was when we returned, under full sail, within feet of the famous race boat Stars & Stripes and pulled up to the pier with a perfect “hockey stop!” Good times.”
– Ellen

“It is always a humbling, inspirational and tremendously fun experience to sail with Ellen. Using the Power Assist system that we set up on the Martin 16, she has total control, steering the boat and trimming the sails.”
– Doug

Editor’s Note: Ellen is a veteran who served as a nurse while on active duty, and now has ALS — aka Lou Gehrig’s disease. This was Ellen’s second time at the VA National Summer Sports Clinic for recently injured veterans, and sailing with Challenged America.

Santana 525 “Casual”, newest donation to the Challenged America program

Volunteer Steve Edenson and blind sailor Hiro taking Casual, our newest donation out for a first spin on San Diego’s Big Bay.

“Casual” is a Santana 525,  designed by Shad Turner and built by the W.D. Schock Corporation to the highest standards of quality. it is a beautiful boat with sleek lines and well balanced dimensions unique in a 25 footer.

Excellent Handicap Performance

The 525 was designed for competitive racing under a variety of measurement rules. The hull is shallow and of light displacement but has a considerable amount of beam to insure stability. The displacement to length ratio of the 525 is very low, providing excellent light air performance. The keel is a deep fin and the rudder is a simple but highly efficient spade. The hull is quick to surf and is lots of fun to sail in a breeze. Since the 525 is also built to strict one design specifications, its owners find great pleasure in level class racing as well.

Spacious Cockpit

The cockpit of the Santana 525 is probably the best available in a boat of this size. long bench seats and a contoured deck shape offer welcome comfort and a wonderful sense of security for the family. The hardware is strategically placed for efficient crew work, with all halyards lead to the cabintop. The blister design of the deck eliminates sharp corners and provides extra wide side decks for safe and easy deck maneuvers.

Comfortable Interior

The beam of the 525 offers an amazing feeling of spaciousness below. Two wide midship bunks provide extremely comfortable seating in the main cabin and are wonderful for overnight cruising. A 6½ foot v-berth provides additional sleeping accommodations. The cleverly capsulized galley unit is equipped with a sink for an insulated ice box and provides good countertop space. Two beautifully finished hanging lockers, an attractive interior liner, and a handsome teak and holly sole give the 525 the look and feel of a much larger boat. Many a crew has spent hours after the race in the comfort of this cozy interior.

The crew said:  She is fast and fun, we love her.

Day 2: Challenged America and the 2011 Veterans National Summer Sports Clinic Team Apollo vs Team Olympus

You only have to look at the smiles to understand why we volunteer