Is Seaman a Good Career?

Seamen, or mariners, are the people who work onboard ships, boats, and other vessels that operate on bodies of water. This is an age-old profession that has been around since humans first ventured out to sea in search of new lands and resources.

Although technological advances have made it much easier to traverse the waters, the job of a seaman is still a vital one that requires skill, knowledge, and dedication to ensure the safety of all on board the vessel. So if you’re wondering whether being a seaman is a good career choice, let’s dive right into it!

Definition Of Seaman

A seaman is someone who works on ships or boats as part of their job. There are many different types of seamen including deckhands, able seamen, officers, captains, engineers, and others who specialize in particular areas such as navigation or communications.

Many seamen work in commercial shipping but there are also those who work in fishing or recreational boating industries too. Whatever type of vessel they work on, their primary job is to operate it safely in accordance with maritime law and regulations and ensure the safety of all people onboard the vessel at all times.

Advantages Of Being A Seaman

For those looking for an exciting career with plenty of adventure then being a seaman may be for you! Working at sea offers plenty of perks including great wages and benefits such as travel opportunities around the world as well as access to some incredible sites that only seafaring can offer!

Additionally, there are lots of training opportunities available to help seafarers stay up-to-date with innovations in the industry so they can stay competitive when applying for jobs or promotions within the industry.

Wages And Benefits

As mentioned earlier, wages earned by seafarers are normally above similar professions ashore according to the International Chamber Of Shipping (ICS).

This means that working at sea can provide more financial stability than many other professions which makes it an attractive option for those looking to make a living from their work without having to worry about their income shrinking due to economic downturns or other issues that may affect their shore-based employment prospects negatively like changes in government policy or taxation levels etc.

Additionally, seafarers can benefit from tax breaks which further adds to their financial security whilst at sea!

Quality Of Life At Sea

Life aboard ship isn’t just about making money – it also offers plenty in terms of lifestyle benefits too! Working at sea means living in different parts of the world which can be incredibly rewarding both personally and professionally as you learn new cultures and build valuable relationships with people from all walks of life!

You also get access to some truly unique experiences such as swimming with dolphins off tropical islands or standing atop glaciers in high seas – there really is something for everyone when it comes to life at sea!

Training And Education Opportunities

The maritime industry is constantly evolving so it pays for seafarers to stay up-to-date with developments in technology and safety protocols etc.

Fortunately for sailors there are plenty of training opportunities available both onboard ships but also ashore through specialized maritime academies where sailors can learn more about their profession from experienced industry professionals who have been through what they’re going through themselves!

Additionally many companies will provide financial assistance towards educational courses which can help sailors develop new skills that will serve them well throughout their career!

Personal Growth And Development

Working aboard ships provides plenty opportunity for personal growth too – sailors must learn how to manage themselves when out at sea meaning they must learn how best to cope with stressors such as lack of sleep due to long working hours or being away from home for extended periods etc.

This can be incredibly beneficial particularly when dealing with stressful situations back home as sailors will have already learnt how best to manage them whilst at sea!

Additionally being out at sea provides plenty opportunity for self reflection which can be incredibly therapeutic during difficult times – something many shore-based workers don’t necessarily get access too very easily!

Career Advancement Opportunities

Seafaring provides plenty opportunity for career advancement too – many companies understand the value experienced seamen bring so promotion opportunities tend to be more readily available than some other industries where employees must wait years before getting promoted if ever!

Additionally experience earned whilst working aboard ships often counts towards qualifications which further enhances sailors’ career prospects within the industry making it easier for them to find better paid positions within their field if they choose too!

Disadvantages Of Being A Seaman

Of course being a seaman isn’t all rosy – there are certain aspects which may put some off from pursuing this type of career including long periods away from family/friends or potential dangers associated with storms/rough seas etc.

Additionally many jobs require extensive travel meaning sailors may need additional visas/permissions depending on where they want/need to go which again could prove challenging particularly if they don’t have relevant experience/connections within certain countries etc.

Safety Concerns

Ultimately safety should be paramount when working aboard any vessel no matter what its size/purpose – although accidents do occur even amongst experienced crews this doesn’t mean safety should take second place however it does mean crews must remain vigilant not just about what is happening onboard but also about external factors such as weather conditions etc.

Taking these steps can help prevent accidents occurring so if you decide upon a life at sea make sure you always remain aware no matter what situation you find yourself in!


In summary working as a seaman can provide great wages/benefits along with plenty opportunity for personal growth but ultimately this type of career isn’t without its risks which must always be taken into consideration before embarking upon any voyage – however if managed correctly then being a seaman could prove extremely rewarding both financially and personally so it’s definitely worth considering whether this type of lifestyle could suit you before taking the plunge into life on board your next vessel!

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