What Knot Gets Tighter As You pull?

Sailing is a popular sport that requires precision, attention, and skill. Many sailors rely on various knots to help them maneuver through the sea with ease. One such knot is known as the Arbor Knot, which is designed for use when attaching fishing line to the “arbor” or “spool center”.

This knot gets tighter as it is pulled, making it one of the most secure knots available. In this article, we will discuss what an arbor knot is, how it works, its uses in sailing, advantages and disadvantages, resources, and FAQs. With this knowledge, sailors will be able to better understand how to properly utilize this versatile knot. Let’s dive in!

What is an Arbor Knot?

An Arbor Knot is a type of noose knot that tightens when pulled. It consists of two loops that are wrapped around each other and then tied together at their ends. This creates a secure loop that can be used for various applications such as attaching fishing line or adding extra line onto a spool center.

The loops should be secured tightly together before pulling on them so that they do not slip apart during use. To ensure this happens correctly, many sailors will use a figure eight loop at their end before tying them off securely with a few half hitches.

How To Tie An Arbor Knot?

Tying an arbor knot correctly takes practice and patience. First start by creating two loops that are roughly three inches long each. Then take one end of each loop and twist them together three times until they are securely intertwined around each other.

After that take one end of each loop and tie them together using a few half hitches or another type of secure knotting technique such as a bowline or sheet bend.

Finally pull on both ends firmly until the loops are completely tightened around each other – this will ensure the arbor knot does not slip during use! Here are some tips for mastering this technique:

• Make sure both loops are roughly equal in size before intertwining them together – this will help create a more balanced arbor knot once tied off securely at their ends.
• Pull firmly on both ends once tied off – this will help ensure that the loops do not slip apart during use!
• Practice makes perfect – keep practicing until you become comfortable with tying this versatile knot correctly every time!

Uses For An Arbor Knot In Sailing:

An arbor knot has many uses within sailing ranging from attaching fishing line to the spool center all the way up to adding extra line onto said spool center when needed later down the track.

This versatile knot can also be used with different types of lines including monofilament or braided lines due to its ability to quickly adjust itself according to your needs without slipping apart during use like some other knots tend to do over time due to excessive wear and tear over time. Lastly, it works well with both single and double lines which makes it even more useful for those who need flexibility in their sailing setup!

Advantages And Disadvantages Of Using An Arbor Knot In Sailing:

As with any type of sailing equipment there are advantages and disadvantages associated with using an arbor knot while out on open water. Some advantages include its secure nature which helps prevent line slippage even after tightening it multiple times due its strong construction techniques such as intertwining two separate loops together before tying them off securely at their ends with half hitches or similar types of knots – this helps ensure that your lines stay put even after multiple uses over time!

Additionally its easy tying process means you can quickly adjust or add extra line without having too much difficulty doing so while out on open water which can save you time while out at sea! Lastly its compact nature makes it aesthetically pleasing which adds another layer of appeal from those who prefer their boats looking neat and tidy all times!

On the flip side there are some disadvantages associated with using an arbor knot such as its large size which can make it difficult for those who prefer smaller more compact knots such as sheet bends or figure eights etcetera – however if aesthetics aren’t important than this shouldn’t be seen as too much issue overall!

Additionally if tightened too much then it can become difficult if not impossible to untie afterwards which could cause problems if trying remove excess line from your boat at any point in time – however if done properly then you should have no issues whatsoever untying your arbor knots afterwards!


The Arbor Knot is one of many versatile knots available within sailing that has numerous advantages associated with its usage including its secure nature (due to intertwining two separate loops together before tying them off securely), quick adjustability (due to being able easily tighten/loosen without slipping apart), ease when tying (due its simplistic yet effective design) , ability work with different types lines (both single/double) , small size (for those who prefer aesthetics) , etcetera etcetera .

This knowledge should help sailors understand how best utilize these knots within their own setups so they can best navigate through open waters safely and effectively!

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