Challenged America Volunteer Sails to Tahiti (Part 3/4) The Marquesas

Challenged America volunteer sails to Tahiti, French Polynesia. Challenged America volunteer Marshall Lubin takes a break to sail to French Polynesia, a six week journey taking him from San Diego to Tahiti.

Voyaging thousands of nautical miles on a Beneteau 50, Marshall visits the Marquesas and the Tuamotu Archipelagos and the Society Islands.  The names alone bring out dream images of turquoise water, lush islands and magical lagoons with names like Tahiti, Moorea, Rangiroa, Bora Bora.

Part 3 The Marquesas

As the paucity of wind continued, our last day on the ocean was powered by Tutto Bene’s motor bringing us to Nuku Hiva on the morning of May 29th.  We were now members of the Pacific Puddle Jumpers, an informal group of sailors that had departed the west coast of the Americas to travel nearly three thousand miles to the Marquesas.

We entered the island’s main bay and anchored the boat.  Needing to clear customs at the gendarmes, Bronte went ashore with our passports and associated paperwork so that we could properly enter French Polynesia.Nuku Hiva, Marquesas

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Team Challenged America Transpac 2013 Status Update

Team Challenged America Transpac 2013 Status

Urban and David (Team Challenged America crew in the 2013 Transpac) have returned, under jib, to San Diego safe, and B’Quest is sound. More to come at an upcoming Press Conference (yet to be scheduled) at Fiddler’s Green Restaurant.

Thank you all for your support and concern

Urban & David

More details to come in the coming day

San Diego International Boat Show, Volunteers Needed

Progressive San Diego International Boat ShowChallenged America Sailing Participants and Volunteers needed for the San Diego International Boat Show

Thanks to everyone who helped out at the Wooden Boat Festival this weekend.

This is a busy month for boat shows.  The San Diego International Boat Show will take place this next weekend, Thursday through Saturday, June 20-23 at the Sheraton Harbor Island and Challenged America will have a booth to tell show attendees about our program.

Volunteers will be needed at the booth all four days of the show.  Please reply to this email ( if you are would like to help on one or more of the following shifts.

  • Thu, 6/20    11:00*- 3:00      3:00 – 7:00
  • Fri, 6/21    11:30 – 3:30      3:30 – 7:00
  • Sat, 6/22                      2:30 – 7:00
  • Sun, 6/23     9:30 – 2:00      2:00 – 6:30*

* includes setup or teardown


Doug Shaw

Volunteer Companion Sailor

2013 Dash to Chula Vista

Final results of the 2013 DASH to Chula Vista race, the 2 day, 8 miles each way, and as far as we know  the longest Martin 16 race anywhere..

Position Boat # Sailor Companion Race 1 Race 2 Total
1 7 Ryan Porteous Kristy Porteous 1 1 2
2 4 Sue Taetzsch John Porteous 4 2 6
3 8 Eric Berkey Joe Berkey 2 5 7
4 1 Colin Smith Dave Symonds 5 4 9
5 3 Nik Feria Tom Frankie 3 7 10
6 5 Steve Muse Jennifer Muse 8 3 11
7 2 Chris Everson Alex Mendiola / Marshall Lubin 7 6 13
8 6 Tammy Airhart Stan Bolle 6 8 14

Thank you Steve and Jennifer Muse for the video