Learn to Sail Program

“If you can breathe, you can sail.” – Scott Meide, Challenged America sailor

The Challenged America learn-to-sail program is available to both the disabled and able-bodied, taught in the Martin 16, two-person, accessible sixteen foot, high-performance, safe and unsinkable sloop.

Sailing instruction is from our Shelter Island (San Diego) facility.

Most physical disabilities can be readily accommodated with accessible and adaptive technology, devices, equipment, and proven sailing techniques.

If you have a unique challenge and need we are unable to immediately accommodate, give our adaptive sailing team a little time to work on it, and we’ll get you sailing at Challenged America before the tide changes too often.

Learn-to-Sail opportunities offered 7 days per week, year-round to those from 5 to 95+ years of age.

Personal (one-on-one) sailing instruction is based on boat and volunteer or staff (certified) instructor availability, and reservations are required for non-scheduled, special sailing lessons.

For those without disabilities who want to learn how to sail, contact us to schedule a learn-to-sail opportunity or attend one of our scheduled sailing days, and we only ask that you continue to support the program by volunteering – your contribution to support Challenged America and the work we do.

Learn-to-sail days are regularly scheduled and posted in the monthly Challenged America newsletter … or call to schedule a private appointment on a non-scheduled sailing day.

3 Responses to Learn to Sail Program

  1. Thomas "Trey" Humphrey says:

    I love your program and am really interested in sailing. I was wounded in Afghanistan and lost my right leg and severely damaged my left. I would love to give sailing a try. I live in the Serra Mesa area of San Diego with my fiance Lindsey (an awesome woman). How can i setup a lesson for me and my fiance? Thank you for what you guys are doing.
    Semper Fi
    Sergeant Trey Humphrey USMC

  2. Don Wolfe says:

    I am coming back to San Diego in early June. A couple of years ago I spoke to Urban at the Wooden Boat Festival. He told me you should to able to help me learn how to sail.

    I am a disabled veteran of the War in Vietnam. Long ago, when I was a teen I crewed on my father sailboat. I have also been out a few times since then. A lot has changed for me.

    I don’t know what I can do but I would love to give back something if I can. I would specially like to help other disabled veterans.

    Please let me know what I need to do to sign up for the Learn to Sail Program.
    “Can Do”
    Don Wolfe

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