Challenged America Regatta

Challenged America Regatta is an annual  event benefiting  the charitable Challenged America program for children and adults with disabilities, a therapeutic adaptive sailing program conceived in 1978 by disabled San Diego veterans.

Hundreds participate in this free, volunteer-driven sailing program each year. Funds from the West Marine/Challenged America Regatta go directly towards maintaining the program’s fleet of 12 specially built or modified vessels, providing free learn-to-sail and advanced sailing opportunities for those hospitalized, in therapeutic recovery or rehabilitation programs, for kids and adults living with disabilities, civilians and veterans, along with loved ones in the community.

In 2011, the regatta was organized by the Cortez Racing Association (CRA) and the South West Yacht Club (SWYC) with the corporate support of West Marine.

Challenged America is a 501(c)(3) charitable program, and all contributions, vessel donations, gifts, and business support and sponsorship are tax-deductible to the full extent allowed.

To find out the many ways you can be part of this great event and help children, adults and veterans with disabilities while raising your visibility in your community, contact us.

Keep coming back, we will post new developments and information as they become available.

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Our volunteers and participants thank you.

2 Responses to Challenged America Regatta

  1. challengedamerica says:

    Hi Darroch,
    I misread your email, we do have small shirts, just not lady’s size. Let me know what you want us to do. Originally we were going to have men and women shirts but opted at the last moment for unisex. That decision was made at the last moment and we did not have the time to have CRA change the online store.
    Again, my apologies

  2. challengedamerica says:

    Hi Darroch,
    Cortez Racing is in charge of the regatta and took the orders for shirts, dinner reservations and regatta fees. You should contact them directly. I forwarded your email to them.

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