Koehler Kraft San Diego Wooden Boat Festival

The 2011 Koehler Kraft Wooden Boat Festival will take place June 18 (9am to 5pm) and 19  (9am to 4pm) at the Koehler Kraft boatyard and marina.

Each Father’s Day Weekend wooden boat owners display their craft at The San Diego Wooden Boat Festival. More than 80 wooden craft, ranging from row boats to regal schooners, were on hand for viewing by the public. We had great live music, food and activities for children.

Proceeds from the show benefit Challenged America, last year, Koehler Kraft was able to donate $5000 to Challenged America. Their donation will allow us to continue delivering our programs for the disabled.

Let’s make 2011 an even bigger success

See their website and Facebook page

One Response to Koehler Kraft San Diego Wooden Boat Festival

  1. Roger Stewart says:

    Awesome! see you guys Sat and Sunday – Roger

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