The “DASH” to Chula Vista

Prepared for a Different Type of Martin 16 Race? Get ready Martin 16 sailors, novice and experienced alike, April 21 & 22 will be the first “Dash To Chula Vista” Race, hosted by Chula Vista Yacht Club and California Yacht Marina.

Starting from our new location on Harbor Island, and (Leg One) finish at the Chula Vista Yacht Club, on Saturday April 21 - where a Welcoming Party will be waiting for you, complete with food, beverage and fun. Then, leave your Martin 16s behind and motor back to the Challenged America dock on Harbor at home...and then return, the next day (April 22) to Challenged America and we'll take you to Chula Vista YC (or you can drive), for the start of Leg Two, from the Chula Vista Yacht Club to the finish line at Challenged America on Harbor Island.

A great opportunity to experience a distance race from the North Bay to the South Bay, and learn so much more about sailing and your Martin 16. This will be a fun event for everyone, sailors, family members and friends. Sponsors are welcome and needed.

Notice will be sent to all on the Challenged America Newsletter list, once arrangements have been made...but mark your calendars today for the "Dash" To Chula Vista Race.

Departs April 21st noon from Sunroad Resort Marina to CVYC

BBQ  2pm to 5pm at the Chula Vista Yacht Club

Returns April 22nd noon from  CVYC back to Harbor Island

Reception and Awards Ceremony 3-5pm at Sunroad Resort Marina

For information:

Email:,  call  (619)523-9318



Day 1:

Skipper Sail Companion Finish Time
Eric Berkey 4 Dave Meyer 1 2:12:12
Jon Kenney 7 Marshall Lubin 2 2:17:03
Sue Taetzsch 2 John Barba 3 2:17:34
Bob Willems 1 Tom Frankie 4 2:20:11
Tammy Airhart 3 Stan Bolle 5 2:21:28
Steve Muse 6 Jennifer Muse 6 2:21:37
Loch Crane 8 Mike Swall 7 2:26:15
Colin Smith 5 Dave Symonds 8 2:26:36

Day 2

Skipper Sail Companion Finish Time
Colin Smith 7 Dave Symonds 1 2:16:52
Jon Kenney 1* Stan Bolle 6 2:20:25
Loch Crane 5 Tom Frankie 2 2:21:00
Steve Muse 3 Jennifer Muse 3 2:23:00
Sue Taetzsch 8 John Barba 4 2:34:44
Bob Willems 6* Marshall Lubin 8 2:40:20
Tammy Airhart 2 Mike Swall 5 2:43:35
Eric Berkey 4 Dave Meyer 7 2:50:08
* Scoring penalty incurred in Race 2


Skipper Place Points Total Time
Sue Taetzsch 1 7 4:52:18
Jon Kenney 2 8 4:37:28
Eric Berkey 3 8 5:02:20
Colin Smith 4 9 4:43:28
Steve Muse 5 9 4:44:37
Loch Crane 6 9 4:47:15
Tammy Airhart 7 10 5:05:03
Bob Willems 8 12 5:00:31

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