Challenged America’s Fleet

The Challenged America fleet of vessels may vary from month to month, dependent upon donations and sales of program boats.

Our permanent fleet is composed of :

  • Eight (8) “Martin 16” sloops:

Challenged America Martin 16s

The Martin 16 is clearly a breakthrough in keelboat design. The stability of the keel makes it a very safe boat for people with severe disabilites. The high lift keel makes trailer launching simple from any ramp and can be easily rigged and sailed by one person.

As a sport and recreation, sailing can allow people with severe disabilities to sail without compromise along side able-bodied persons. From its inception the Martin 16 was designed to be accessible to all sailors. Stability and adjustable seating as well as specialized control systems make the Martin 16 ideal for sailors with mobility impairments. The Martin 16 offers optional automated systems for steering, sail sheeting and bilge pumping.

The Martin 16 uses technology and innovative design to bring the many joys of sailing to severely disabled sailors. Listed below are some of the unique features of the Martin 16.

* Easily driven – narrow, long hull for performance and control.
* Dry and comfortable due to the high freeboard and forward helm seat with spray deck and special spray damping deck flange.
* Stability is provided by a computer designed lead ballast pod at the tip of a deep, high performance lifting keel foil.
* The cockpit features a fully adjustable, ergonomically designed helm seat forward with a second seat aft to accommodate a passenger or instructor.
* Optimum control with minimum sheet load is obtained with vang sheeting for both mainsail and jib.
* Sail Controls are all led to a fully adjustable cockpit mounted control console directly forward of the helmsperson.
* A unique ” Joystick” controls the responsive transom hung rudder. Extremely safe.
* Designed with multiple buoyancy compartments, the Martin 16 is sailable… even with the hull totally flooded!

Challenged America Martin 16Don’t get me wrong, stable and safe does not mean boring, the Martin 16 is a fast and lively performance boat that will satisfy both able and disabled sailors.

The Martin 16 is the primary vessel used in the Challenged America program, from learn-to-sail to advanced sailing and racing programs


  • Avon 9′ inflatableCaribe RIB 14′ chase boat
  • Donzi Z23 sportsdeck  23′ chase boat (for sale)

The Donzi is the latest donation to enter our fleet.  The boat, built by the world famous speedboat builder Donzi  Marine combines the comfort of an open boat and the speed one can expect from a Donzi.  The boat will allow us to safely and comfortably insure safety and facilitate instruction.

Challenged America chase boat Donzi Z23 Sportsdeck

  • Grand Bank 42 “Challenged America” (For sale)

The Grand bank 42 “Challenged America” donated by Nielsen Beaumont Marine is being refitted and is receiving extensive modifications to allow access for people with disabilities.  A big thank you to Nielsen Beaumont, local businesses, their employees and volunteers who have and are working on the project.

Follow the transformation

  • Trojan 8M Sedan “Bearly” (For sale)
  • Peacemaker 36 Sports Fisherman “Squalus”(For sale)

Photos of our fleet:


In addition to our permanent fleet, we also have several boats for sale.

These boats were donated but do not fit our program or cannot cost effectively be modified for use by disabled sailors. If you are looking for an affordable boat, contact us via email or phone:

If you have a boat, sail or power and are looking to maximize your tax advantage or have not found a buyer, feel free to contact us and discuss how Challenged America can help you maximize value and tax advantage.

Call us at 619-523-9318 or