Grand Banks 42 project

The Grand Bank 42 is our newest donation, it is presently on dry dock at the Nielsen Beaumont Marina boatyard for extensive modifications to make the boat disabled friendly and repairs thanks to Nielsen Beaumont and donations from local businesses.

Thank you Praxis Universal for producing the video

This page will keep you updated on the progress.

Before photos

Thank you to the following businesses for making this project possible:

Nielsen Beaumont Marine for donating the boat and reconstruction
San Diego Marine Exchange for being liaison with the manufactures
Interlux for donating the paint
System Three for donating the epoxy

Thanks to volunteers and supporters, work on the Grand Banks 42 “Challenged America” is progressing nicely

Today, Nielsen Beaumont Marine put “Challenged America”. the Grand Banks 42 they donated to Challenged America back in the water. The hull has a shiny new white finish and looks fantastic. The work will now start on the engines and the cabin. In addition, the upper hull paint job will continue and the transom will receive another 6 to 8 coats of varnish (volunteers welcome)

Challenged America’s restoration is coming along, as of 02/2012, the forward cabin and pilot house have been cleaned and Challenged America is getting ready to receive her new aft deck modified to allow access to people with disability.

The aft deck will be totally open and protected from the sun and allow disabled access to the pilot house.

Dave is working on getting the wood and volunteers are needed to do some more sanding and painting.


4 thoughts on “Grand Banks 42 project

  1. Hello my name is Jason and I’ve volunteered with Challenged America before. I was hoping to lend a hand and help in whatever way I can. Iv’e got some experience in painting and varnishing. I’ve helped with the Grand Banks before with Mike. And I’ve also helped as a companion sailor too. I spoke to Mike Swall and he’d said to email the office and find out when you need additional help on the Grand Banks. Thanks and hope to see yopu soon.

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