Challenged America’s Goals

• Acquire a large vessel, for the purpose or providing vocational rehabilitation educational programs in the maritime and related industries for kids and adults with disabilities. Such a vessel to accommodate crew, instructors and/or students for extended periods at sea. The vessel and its crew to be “goodwill ambassadors” of Challenged America, and schedule ports-of-call for educational, demonstration, marketing and publicity purposes.

• Design and build the “first of its kind” offshore race-cruising sailboat to accommodate sailors with disabilities. This innovatively designed vessel to have the latest in assistive technology, adaptations, safety gear and equipment, and aids to enhance the safety, comfort, and performance of (competitive) sailors with disabilities in all sea conditions and sailing intentions.

• Promote the implementation of research studies on adaptive sailing as a medical enhancing therapeutic and rehabilitation activity and life style.

• Develop educational, instructive videos on the adaptive devices and equipment, techniques and procedures of safe, adaptive sailing for individuals having various types of physical, developmental, intellectual, and psychological disabilities. This educational video with accompanying literature to complement existing educational courses and programs) used by professionals in recreational rehabilitation and sports therapy, sailing instructors, adaptive sailing programs, individuals with family members with disabilities, educational institutions, sailing associations and organizations, yacht clubs, recreational facilities, and the general public.

• Establish Challenged America as a financially self-sustaining therapeutic adaptive sailing program by seeking the next generation of leadership to govern and direct the program, and who will be directly involved in achieving the financial solvency in reaching program goals and fulfilling the program vision in coming years.

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