Challenged America’s Technology

Everyone is challenged by the sea. And Challenged America shows who can meet that challenge.

When you think of pioneering an industry or movement, the name Challenged America quickly comes to the forefront when there is discussion of adaptive sailing as a therapeutic activity and sailors with disabilities.

From the early beginnings in 1978 when two individuals in wheelchairs self-discovered what worked and didn’t work on their sailboat, and then invited others to join them and explore the possibilities in low- and high-tech products, devices and gear –(some being self designed and produced) to make sailing an accessible sporting activity for everyone.

Today, a large percentage of the Challenged America budget goes into investigation of new designs and products. Someone with a disability always shows up having a unique challenge to sailing, and the Challenged America team of volunteer sailors with disabilities, engineers,
fabricators and thinkers work together to come up with the answers to make sailing a reality

“Just give us a bit of time, and We will get you sailing,” is the response given by Challenged America staff to those with a (sailing, comfort or safety) need that is yet unfilled. Pioneering continues at Challenged America … it’s our responsibility and obligation to kids and adults with
disabilities, and in advancing the sport of sailing for everyone.

We are pleased to work with professors and their engineering students at San Diego State University, School of Engineering, and students in Assistive Technology at San Diego State University, Interwork Institute.

Challenged America Technology

Low Tech

• Offshore cockpit seat
• Portable Dock Hoist Lift
• Dock Hoya Lifts
• Mobility vessel boarding ramp.
• Foot/Leg Steering Device (for hemiplegics, stroke survivors, amputees, etc.)

High Tech

• Motorized helm seat with gyroscope
• Cabin Elevator
• Sip n Puff Steering and Sail Trim Device
• Optic Fiber Steering and Sail Trim Device

Technology Now In Design, Development, and/or Plans to Acquire

• Tongue-Swivel Steering and Sail Trim Device.
• Talking GPS
• Talking/Sound Compass.
• Large Braille compass.
• Motorized Cabin Elevator (prototype phase)
• Hand-Cycle Winch Handle.
• Custom Small and Big Vessel Seating for Ventilator Users.
• Knot Tying Device (prototype)
• MOB hoist system.
• Cockpit safety seat-strapping device for high-level disabilities.
• Large vessel hoist/transfer device.
• Accessible Galley
• Accessible Head.
• Fully Accessible Navigation & Communication Station.
• Tacking Slide Bench.
• Sliding arm/foot grinder.
• Cockpit Rail System.
• Apparel: Medical Emergency Flotation Vest/Jacket.
• Deployed Life Raft Access Device/System.

For additional information, product submission, contact board member and engineer Peter Newman or DBA president Urban Miyares at the Challenged America office.
Note: It is the responsibility of the inventor/creator of any innovative product or device to first secure intellectual property rights before disclosure to any Challenged America or Disabled Businesspersons Association board member, employee or staff.

2 thoughts on “Challenged America’s Technology

  1. It’s pretty amazing what ChallengeAmerica is doing! This is the first I’ve heard of them after seeing an article on CNN. Now I’m an East coast guy with a boat on the Chesapeake, but I have a passion for sailing. I’m also a dialysis patient. One of the most exciting times in my life was just after I got my first kidney transplant and a captain, knowing my health condition, let me sign up as crew aboard his 50 foot Swan to sail from the Caribbean to the UK. It meant everything to me to have the opportunity to fulfill a long standing dream of mine to sail across the Atlantic, and it was one of the most incredible experiences of my life!! Keep up the miraculous work you are doing.

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