Reinventing The Challenged America Program

Reinventing The Challenged America Program
Introduction of Challenged Sailors San Diego

Dear Challenged America Participants, Volunteers & Supporters,

As many of you know, the past few years have been extremely challenging for the Challenged America Program. With charitable donations and contributions down dramatically, fundraising events barely breaking even, and awarded grants only funding a fraction of the requested amount, coupled with rising costs, we are at that point of reinventing the Challenged America Program – operating at a pace equal to the level of public support and charitable giving … how we operated in the 1980’s and early 1990’s as, then, a big boat program.

With this, we have transferred (gifted) our entire fleet of small boats – eight Martin 16 sailboats – and all related equipment, supplies and gear to Mike & Sylvia Swall (as interim owners), who are helping a new small boat program under a newly proposed groups calling themselves “Challenged Sailors San Diego.” (CSSD). This new group is now formalizing its organizational structure.

If you or your group is scheduled to sail as a participant, companion sailor, or volunteer in the (Martin 16 sailboat (Small boat program (with Challenged America, please contact CSSD right away to reschedule and learn more about this new (small boat) sailing program:

Challenged Sailors San Diego
Mike & Sylvia Swall
Phone: (619) 764-1604

The Challenged America program will continue operations as a Big Boat program, with Challenged Sailors San Diego being our referral to small boat sailing.

Challenged America is one of five programs of the charitable and educational Disabled Businesspersons Association (DBA), and the board is currently strategizing the future of this program, with more of an emphasis on its mission, financial self-sufficiency, future staffing, and the rebuilding of its fleet of donated vessels, carrying it to another 37 years of operations.

If you would like to be part of the charity’s advisory on reinventing the Challenged America Program, please email us your background, experience, and how you believe you can add value to the advisory group.
Thank You

Urban Miyares, President
Disabled Businesspersons Association

Enhance someone’s quality of life

This Holiday Season you can give the gifts of self-reliance, independence, self-confidence, and enhance someone’s quality of life.

Your donation to Challenged America will give a disabled veteran, adult or child with a disability all of these and much more.

“The uncertainty that came with vision loss left me fearful about the future, and feeling that a normal life would be impossible. Sailing has restored my self-confidence, given me a sense of freedom and adventure I never knew I had and taught me that anything can be possible no matter what your ability is.

Learning to sail and be in control of a boat, making it dance across the sparkling bay and hearing the splash against the hull has turned me into a graceful ballerina. This is my show now and vision loss is just a bit player waiting in the wings.’
– Tammy
Challenged America Tammy
Why Donate to the Disabled Businesspersons Assocation’s Challenged America program?

100% of your generous gift goes directly into the program.
There are no salaries or hidden administrative or fundraising costs.
Challenged America is an all-volunteer program, as are all the programs with the DBA charity.
The DBA and all its programs are overseen and directed by volunteers from the community.

Please consider Challenged America during this gift-giving time of year, and then come on down to the dock to see how your generosity is being utilized. Better yet, come on down and volunteer and join the others who contribute their time, expertise and resources to assure that Challenged America continues for another 36-plus years.

You can make your tax-deductible donation by check to ‘Challenged America’ and mail directly to the Challenged America office or online! and use your credit card to make your gift via PayPal.

Recurring monthly donations can also be set up through PayPal. This is an extremely valuable way to help support Challenged America on an on-going basis.

Many employers will make matching donations when their employees donate to charitable causes. Check to see if your employer might have such a program. You might be able to double the impact of your gift!

 Securely Donate with PayPal

Challenged America
at Sunroad Resort Marina
955 Harbor Island Dr., Suite 130
San Diego, California 92101

(619) 523-9318

Tax-Exempt (EIN) : 33-0484461 – Disabled Businesspersons Association

Team Challenged America Thanks Supporters

The fundraiser at Fiddler’s Green was a success, thanks to all the volunteers and supporters for donating time, products and services

Please check out the following businesses who donated products and services

David Koos and Entech Biotech

Flirt in Point Loma

San Diego Marriott Marquis and Marina

Good Point Gasoline

Point Loma Village Florist

Ocean Beach Auto Body

Seaforth Boat Rentals

Casa Guadalajara Mexican Restaurant

Notorious for Hair

Grape Connections

Old Venice Restaurant

Authentic Pilates by Maja

The Luxurious Hercor Urban Boutique Hotel

San Diego Chiropractic Group

Lonnie’s health and Wealth

The Venetian Restaurant

La Jolla Cosmetic Laser Clinic

Action Sports Rental

Cottonwood Golf Club

O’bistro Cafe

Hipp Marine


Ann Butler

A big thank you to Steve Rock for the use of his restaurant Fiddler’s Green and the band “The Reflectors” playing during the event.



Eat, Drink, Dance and support Challenged America Transpac 2013, June 2nd

Team Challenged America Transpac 2013

Urban Miyares and Dave Hopkins are double handing the Transpac!  
They need your support!!!
Join us at Fiddlers Green – Eat, Drink, Dance and support this amazing adventure

Date: Sunday, June 2nd
Time: 1-4 pm
Location: Fiddlers Green
Band: The Reflectors
Raffle: 2:00
Silent Auction: 3:30

Challenged America: Let’s do the 2013 Transpac

What began as an impossible dream in 1991 (to do the Transpacific Yacht Race from Los Angeles to Honolulu), is now a reality at the San Diego-based Challenged America program of sailors with disabilities.


Challenged America – Team Challenged America Transpac 2013


2760 Shelter Island Drive, SD, 92106 619-222-2216

Some Raffle Items
Action Beach & Bay Rentals, HS salon haircut, Frestone Auto Care oil change, $20 gift cards from Hodads…yum, Cabrillo pet hospital gifts, Ocean Beach Autobody detail service..
Some Silent Auction Items
Corky Mata- Have cook will Travel- $400 value, Fender Aerodyne Statocaster guitar- $700 value,(6) $150 gift cards for massage services at Lonnies Massage………


You can also send your  tax-deductible donation check to:

Challenged America
Sunroad Resort Marina
955 Harbor Island Drive, Suite130
San Diego, CA 92101

or donate online through PayPal
We Thank You!

Donate with Paypal

To Volunteer Call:
Challenged America Office: 619-523-9318