Enhance someone’s quality of life

This Holiday Season you can give the gifts of self-reliance, independence, self-confidence, and enhance someone’s quality of life.

Your donation to Challenged America will give a disabled veteran, adult or child with a disability all of these and much more.

“The uncertainty that came with vision loss left me fearful about the future, and feeling that a normal life would be impossible. Sailing has restored my self-confidence, given me a sense of freedom and adventure I never knew I had and taught me that anything can be possible no matter what your ability is.

Learning to sail and be in control of a boat, making it dance across the sparkling bay and hearing the splash against the hull has turned me into a graceful ballerina. This is my show now and vision loss is just a bit player waiting in the wings.’
- Tammy
Challenged America Tammy
Why Donate to the Disabled Businesspersons Assocation’s Challenged America program?

100% of your generous gift goes directly into the program.
There are no salaries or hidden administrative or fundraising costs.
Challenged America is an all-volunteer program, as are all the programs with the DBA charity.
The DBA and all its programs are overseen and directed by volunteers from the community.

Please consider Challenged America during this gift-giving time of year, and then come on down to the dock to see how your generosity is being utilized. Better yet, come on down and volunteer and join the others who contribute their time, expertise and resources to assure that Challenged America continues for another 36-plus years.

You can make your tax-deductible donation by check to ‘Challenged America’ and mail directly to the Challenged America office or online! and use your credit card to make your gift via PayPal.

Recurring monthly donations can also be set up through PayPal. This is an extremely valuable way to help support Challenged America on an on-going basis.

Many employers will make matching donations when their employees donate to charitable causes. Check to see if your employer might have such a program. You might be able to double the impact of your gift!

 Securely Donate with PayPal

Challenged America
at Sunroad Resort Marina
955 Harbor Island Dr., Suite 130
San Diego, California 92101

(619) 523-9318

Tax-Exempt (EIN) : 33-0484461 – Disabled Businesspersons Association

A big thank you to West Marine

A big thank you to  West Marine,  in June West Marine dedicated a community day to Challenged America.  A percentage of each sales made that day in the Pint Loma store benefited Challenged America.

Last week, Louis Holmes, manager of the Point Loma West Marine Store and his team, presented Challenged America with a $2700 check.

We also thank all of you who shopped the Point Loma West Marine store and made the donation possible.

Nielsen Beaumont Marine puts Challenged America back in the water

Challenged America, the Grand Banks 42 donated by Nielsen Beaumont Marine is back in the water.

After sanding and repainting the hull with a bright shiny white coat, the work will continue in the water. She still needs work on the engine, the upper hull will get a few more coats of paint and the transom a few more coats of varnish, the deck and cabins will also be modified to accommodate people with disabilities.

Thank you to Nielsen Beaumont Marine, Marine Exchange, their employees, suppliers and the volunteers who worked so hard to get to this point.

You can follow the whole project here:

Check her out:

Volunteers are still needed, call Dave Hopkins at 619-808-3650 or the office 619-523-9318. You can also