Urban’s Corner

It seems like most people don’t really pay attention to a disease or disability until it strikes them or someone they love. Yet, many who are not (yet) disabled dot suppor and donate to organizations and programs that support the disabled, for various reasons, but fully committing themselves and their resources to a cause tends not to appear the norm . . . until that dreaded illness or injury hits.

Believe me, everyone in the charitable sector appreciates all – and in any amount – that contributors provide, be it resources, talent, assets, time, and/or cash and regardless of their reason behind the gift – whether personal, tax mitigation, emotional, or another self-serving intention. Such gifts are (mostly) welcome and most needed by all trying to do a charitable good in the community and for society.

We’re now at that “Holiday Gift Giving Time” and we’re all getting bombarded with emotionally-driven appeals to support a charity or cause, and you’ll be getting such a message from us at Challenged America and the Disabled Businesspersons Association (DBA) as well. This is the time of year most make donations and gifts; and the time which most charities, like us, do rely on to support the coming months of operations and plan expanded services and programs.

So when you receive our request for financial and other support, along with the flood of other pleas for help, we hope our message hits your heartstrings and you will consider Challenged America and the DBA too.

We also hope you will investigate the organizations, programs and causes you plan to give to, making sure they are really using your generosity to fulfill their mission and serve those they are authorized by the IRS to help … and your generous gift is being spent or allocated where you want it to go.

I recently called a donor and asked why he and his wife decided to make a donation to the DBA? His response was:

We want to make sure our gift goes for the right purpose, and we do this by first asking how much in salary and benefits the Executive Director, President, CEO and Chairman of the Board make.

From the response, we can quickly narrow the field of those we will donate to, as it gives us a measurement of where funds are being prioritized and allocated. ”

It’s surprising how many charities don’t directly answer our question, and of those who do, the majority only refer us to their latest tax return, and how to get it online. At the DBA, your response was quick and to the point … and that’s why we sent you our check.”

Thank You,
Urban Miyares
Challenged America, co-founder
Disabled Businesspersons Association, volunteer president

A big thank you to the ladies of WORSA for their charity regatta benefiting Challenged America

A big thank you to the ladies of WORSA (Women Offshore Racing Sailing Association) and all the participants for a fun event. The charity event took place in Dana Point for the fourth time.

The sun was up, no coastal layer, light winds, everybody had a great time.  Thank you West Marine for the raffle prizes and the ladies of WORSA who spent countless hours helping in the making of a beautiful nautical themed quilt

The quilt went to a 8 year old young lady, oldest survivor  of a rare kidney disease who just received a kidney transplant.

You can still get a tax deduction up to the market value of your donated boat or vehicle

Donating your boat to a “Qualified User Non Profit” like Challenged America, and the keyword here is “user”, you could receive a much higher tax deduction.  Depending on the condition of the donated boat or vehicle, and if we use it in our program,  you could get a tax deduction as high as the appraised or market value of your boat, see IRS publication 526 on charitable donation, under exception #1 (page 8, column 2)

Disclosure: This is not a tax advice, please consult your attorney and/or CPA with the information

2011 Challenged America Membership Drive

Support Challenged America in 2011 by becoming a member. It is with your donations that we can continue to provide FREE SAILING experiences to kids and adults with disabilities.

Here’s what you will receive when you become a member:

Regatta Member $50
– Free Entry to all 2011 Martin Regattas

Crew Member $100
– Free Entry to all 2011 Martin Regattas
– Waterproof Dry Sack

Skippers Club $300
– Free Entry to all 2011 Martin Regattas
– Waterproof Dry Sack
– Challenged America Shirt

Captains Club $500
– Free Entry to all 2011 Martin Regattas
– Challenged America Shirt
– Embroidered Challenged America Jacket

Admirals Club $1000
– Free Entry to all 2011 Martin Regattas
– Challenged America Shirt
– Embroidered Challenged America Jacket
– Four (4) Tickets to the WMCA Regatta Dinner

Please contact us at ahoy@challengedAmerica.org or
(619) 540-1485